Information for Applicants

Can I Vote Early?

An application for a Postal Vote or an Electoral Visit Vote may now be made to the Commission.

Applications must reach the Commission or Returning Officer no later than

  • 2018 Gladstone Regional Council By-Election - 7:00 pm, Wednesday, 14th November 2018

Late Applications CANNOT be processed.

For the 2018 Gladstone Regional Council By-Election:

A Postal Vote is available.

An Electoral Visit Vote is available if, you:

  • have a serious illness; a disability or are in an advanced state of pregnancy; or
  • are caring for a person who is ill, has a disability or is in an advanced state of pregnancy.
  • Please call 1300 881 665

Applications can be lodged by post, fax, email or hand delivery.

Note: A person granted power of attorney CANNOT sign this application in that capacity.

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