Information for Applicants

Can I Vote Early?

An application for a Postal Vote or an Electoral Visit Vote may now be made to the Commission.

Applications must reach the Commission or Returning Officer no later than

  • 2017 State General Election - 7:00 pm, Wednesday, 22nd November 2017

Late Applications CANNOT be processed.

For the 2017 State General Election:

A Postal Vote is available to all electors; you can submit your application online at the link below.

An Electoral Visit Vote is available if, on Polling Day, you:

  • have a serious illness; a disability or are in an advanced state of pregnancy; or
  • are caring for a person who is ill, has a disability or is in an advanced state of pregnancy.

You cannot apply online for an electoral visit vote. Please call our call centre on 1300 881 665 to arrange for an application for an electoral visit to be forwarded to you for signature and return to the Commission.

Applications can be lodged by post, fax, email or hand delivery.

Note: A person granted power of attorney CANNOT sign this application in that capacity.

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